Pallet Timber & Dunnage in Bonville

Pallet — Sawmill in Bonville, NSW
Adam's Sawmill is a major supplier of hardwood, pre-cut and ready to be assembled into shipping pallets. Pallets made from plantation or sustainably harvested hardwood are the strongest and most durable pallets available. Hardwood pallets last much longer than pine or ply pallets and are much more suited to outdoor storage due to their weather tolerance.

We also supply various size timber for the manufacture of custom-made pallets, skids and sleds, as well as crates and boxes, allowing for the efficient, economical and safe transport of any number of different products from industrial machinery to fragile glass.
Stack of Woods — Sawmill in Bonville, NSW
Adam's Sawmill also provides a diverse assortment of hardwood timber packing and other dunnage to safely support equipment and materials during transportation, storage and construction.

If you are manufacturing a run of non-standard pallets, skids, sleds or you have any other size requirements, Adam's Sawmill will cut to size for you. No order is too big or too small.

Please contact us if you have any specific requirements regarding our hardwood dunnage.