Tree Log — Sawmill in Bonville, NSW
Adam's Sawmill has been owned and operated by Kerr Adam and his family for almost 35 years. Kerr has a long history in sawmilling, originally cutting railway sleepers for the Victorian Railways from the late 1960s to the early 80s.

In 1984, with the intention of an early retirement, Kerr moved to Coffs Harbour. When an established sawmill, in Bonville on the Mid North Coast, was placed on the market, the urge to re-enter the timber industry was too hard to resist.

Always one to embrace a challenge, Kerr threw himself into his new venture. There was a lot to master; Kerr had to learn the characteristics of each new log species, familiarise himself with the workings of the mill and the products it produced and establish good working relationships with suppliers and customers alike.
Pile of Tree Log — Sawmill in Bonville, NSW
Now, almost 30 years later, Kerr has mastered the different log species and their characteristics, knows every intricacy of his sawmill and all its hardwood products and has seen those early relationships develop and flourish.

Adam's Sawmill has also developed and flourished over the intervening years and now proudly employs 25 staff as well as supporting many associated businesses.

We now produce a range of quality rough-sawn hardwood suitable for all general house framing, fencing timber and garden sleepers.

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